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In my 11th grade Chemistry I had two friends. My tablemates (friend #1) and (friend #2). (Friend #2) was a huge drama queen. He made everything worse than it was. (Friend #1) was a trouble maker. Always getting in fights, always doing something wrong. Including skipping class. Everytime (friend #1) wasn’t there (friend #2) had the same response.

Friend #2: She’s dead.

Me: She’s not dead.

Friend #2: Yes, she is. She isn’t here.

Me: There is this thing that she does often, it’s called skipping.

Friend #2: No, I’m pretty sure she’s dead.

She’s there the next day. Until she got expelled.

Me: It’s been three days and she’s not answering anything.

Friend #2: I told you, she’s dead.

She answered back a couple days later. Then the cycle repeats.

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