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This was a few years ago when I was twenty. I can’t walk and rely on a wheelchair to move around. Normally, I can get around just fine and people are usually polite and courteous, but every so often, someone likes to take advantage of my lack of mobility. In this instance, my ex-boyfriend.

I had been dating him for nearly a year and he was always fine with my wheelchair. He was one of those people who’d talk and talk and talk all the time, but never seemed overly aggressive. However, a few months in, he’d start to get rather touchy with me. He’d get snappy if I resisted, but he always claimed it would make our relationship stronger, and being young and in my first real relationship, I let him do it as long as it was minor.

One night, he took me out to eat and then to a park. It was late at night, so there weren’t many people around. We were chatting for a while, but before long, he began to touch me again. However, this time he got so into it, he tried forcing my clothes off my body. He got rather close, too.

Me: (Boyfriend), stop! What the fok are you doing?

Him: Let’s have a little naai, huh? I’m having a lekker time.

Me: You didn’t think to ask me first?

Him: I do all this stuff for you, the least you could do is ease up some. God, I didn’t think you were such a prude.

Me: I’m not. I should have said something before, but you can’t just touch me whenever you want. And we’re outside. We’re not even alone.

Him: Who cares if we’re not alone? They can leave. Come on, let’s make tonight special.

He then proceeds to lift my skirt up, again, while forcing his hand up my blouse. I try to push him back, but I end up getting knocked out of my chair entirely.

Me: I’m not sure this is working.

Him: I’m glad you feel that way, because I don’t think so, either. In fact, let’s end things right now. I have better places to be. I’ll find a real girl. Just you see. You’ll realise what you’re missing. Fokken cripple. See you later, I guess.

He left me like that. Luckily, someone helped me contact my parents. For a month, I left it be and moved on. However, a month later, he began to message me while intoxicated.

Him: Hey? You there?

Him: Why aren’t you answering me?

Him: Come on, (My name), I’m lonely, I want you here.

Him (With corrected grammar and spelling): You’re just a stuck up little bi**h, (My name). I always knew you were. Your parents f**ked up when raising you. You damn cripple. Fok jou!

Twice in the next week, he came to my house and tried to get me to talk to him alone. My parents and sister adamantly refused, as did I. He only left when we threatened to contact the police. Two more weeks later, he tried again.

He stopped only after he messaged me before going on a trip to the lowveld to go see God’s Window in Mpumalanga. He invited me to go with him. I declined for two reasons- one being I can’t walk and certainly can’t hike. The second should be obvious. In any case, the last I never heard of him, he contracted African tick bite fever during his trip, and according to a mutual friend, had a nasty rash in his nether regions.

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