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, | Unfiltered | June 7, 2022

My dad and I are on a motorcycle vacation through Scandinavia. On the ferry from Denmark to Sweden the battery of my dad’s bike dies, so once we get off the ferry he has to push it of the boat. Still on the dock, we try to revive the motorcycle enough to to get it to a shop by pushing it and hoping we can kickstart it into running again. One of the dockworkers sees us and offers to help, and tells us he used to drive the same motorcycle my dad drives.
Unfortunately, we fail to kickstart the engine. However, we have a battery charger with us and we ask if we could use a wallplug to give the battery a little more power. They let us use the power plug in their garage and offer us something to drink while we wait.
After about 30 minutes of charging the battery has enough life to get the engine going enough to get us to a nearby motor garage.
Thank you to the kind Swedish dockworkers who helped us out.

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