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, | Unfiltered | June 6, 2022

(Keep in mind that I’m a female and at the time I had short pixie like hair, and was wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt)

My friends and I were going to watch a movie, but one of my friends had forgotten to get something to drink, and I decided that I wanted a snack, so I walked out of the theater, into the lobby, and got into line. It was a pretty busy day, so the line took longer than expected.
When I got up to the counter I asked for my friends drink and my candy of choice. I looked down at my watch and realized that I was cutting it close and needed to get back into my seat before the movie started. Usually I am super wary of what time it is and I hate being late to things, so as soon as I got my stuff and have the cashier the money, I turned to leave. Then, from behind me I hear the cashier start to say “you forgot your change,” but before he could finish, another man who had been standing in line behind me, blurted out, (more like yelled it out)


I kinda froze not knowing what to say or do. Everyone else in the lobby got tense and the room filled with an awkward feeling. At this point no one in the lobby had moved, even the people behind the counter who had been gathering other people’s food froze and were watching us to see how this would turn out. I turned on my heels and said, “sir?” under my breath as I walked back to collect my $1.38 in change. I looked at the guy who had called me sir, and said, “I am not a sir. I am a ma’am.” Still no one had said anything or moved, but I knew that I was going to have to hurry to get back to the theater in time if I wanted to see the start of the movie.
As I was walking away I heard the guy who called me sir go, “Wait what? … I thought? … THAT WAS A GIRL???!!!”
I sat down in my seat just in time to catch the last part of the last ad before the movie started. After the movie one of my friends asked about why it took me so long to get back to the seats, and I told them about the guy, who we happened to pass on our way back to the car. We all had a laugh and still bring it up time to time.

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