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I was working late at the register at Walmart one night and had this Canadian couple come to my lane. The husband places a case of beer on the counter and sperates it from the rest of the order while his wife loads the rest of their order.

Me: Evening! I’m sorry, but can I see some ID for the alcohol?

Store policy is that if you, or anyone in your party looks under 40, we have to card everyone in the party. Doesn’t matter if they separate the order. The husband definitely looks old enough but the wife look kinda young, so I have to ask.

The wife proceeds to take out husband’s passport from a plastic bag (I can clearly tell that it’s all of their passports) and hand to him to hand to me.

Me: I’m sorry but I need to see her ID or passport too.

Husband: (already angry) Why do you need to see hers!? I’m paying for it! It’s mine!

At this time Wife looks scared and starts to get her passport

Husband: No! She doesn’t need to see it! It’s not with the rest! It just mine!

Me: I’m sorry sir, but it’s policy, I need to check hers too or I can’t sell you the alcohol.

He starts cursing in French calling me a F***ing B**** (note, I don’t speak French, but I know enough to understand)

Husband: (yelling) this is a problem!? Fine!

And threw the case at the register next to me that was empty and he stormed out.
The wife stayed and just finished the transaction looking down the whole time. I tried to talk to her and she just wouldn’t look at me or say anything.
After they left my lane I informed my manager about the incident and he never got his alcohol that night from us.

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