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I’m a member of a nonprofit group, and I have been temporarily holding a box of files that belong to that group. The plan was to bring the files to [Friend #1]’s house, but I haven’t had the chance yet. One evening, some members of that group are at my apartment.

Friend #1: *looking around the living room with a distracted air* Where are those files? I can take them with me today.

Me: They’re in my car, but if you want to take them, sure. I can go get them.

As I talk, I point in the general direction of my car. Unfortunately, this general direction also includes my coat closet. Still distracted, [Friend #1] opens the closet and starts taking things out of it.

Me: Um, [Friend #1]? The files aren’t in there. They’re in my car.

He doesn’t seem to hear me. A pile of stuff forms in the middle of the living room. I try to get his attention a few times, but he continues to ignore me. What’s even more baffling, [Friend #2] walks over to the closet and joins in, pulling out more items and placing them on the pile. I don’t have much storage space in my apartment, so the closet is pretty full. He doesn’t seem to hear a word I say to him, either.

Me: Guys? Will you please stop digging through my things without my permission and making a huge mess that I’m going to have to clean up?

Friend #3: Hey, [Friend #1], [Friend #2], stop. The files are in her car.

Friend #1: What? She said they were in the closet.

Me: No. No, I didn’t.

[Friend #1] and [Friend #2] finally seem to notice the haphazard pile they’ve created. They’ve managed to take out everything that was on the floor in the closet and half of what was sitting on the shelf. They look confused and embarrassed.

Me: *frustrated sigh* Just leave it. I’ll put it all back later.

I try to be calm, but I am too irritated to be a gracious host after that point. The meeting comes to an abrupt end.

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