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(My parents are divorced, so I don’t get to see my stepsister very often. We’re really close though and feel very comfortable around each other)

I was walking down the hall one day when I saw my sister in front of me, so I snuck up behind her and pulled the loop on the top of her backpack.

Sister (joking): Ow! You pulled my hair!
Me: Yeah, right!
Teacher: Excuse me! You two come over here!

We did not know this teacher at all and were a bit confused.

Me: Yes ma’am?
Teacher: Did you pull that girl’s hair?
Me: No. That’s my sister, I pulled on her backpack. She was just joking with me.
Sister: Yeah… I’m fine.
Teacher: I understand what it’s like to have siblings, but you need to keep that behavior at home, okay?

Me and my sister both kind of looked at each other and were super confused. This teacher was acting like I had punched my sister in the face or something.

Me: Um… Okay?
Teacher: Now apologize to her right now!
Me: Sorry?
Sister (trying not to laugh): It’s okay????
Teacher: That kind of behavior is not okay at school. Wait till you get home to do that.

We both walked away trying not to laugh. It kind of sucked though because that teacher obviously didn’t realize that some siblings don’t get to live together.

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