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While I was taking some college classes, I worked at a really lovely little convenience store. It was owned by people I knew from volunteer work, and I loved working there. We sold mostly snacks and cigarettes. Most of my coworkers were awesome, my boss was awesome, and I just really liked it there!

On with the story. Part way through the year I started wearing a headscarf. (I am a Christian, but would wear my headscarf in a way similar to the Muslim hijab, because it was most comfortable for me. For those who may not have a ton of religious background, women in brethren churches often choose to cover their hair.)
I was wearing a headscarf out of church for two reasons: I wanted to get used to wearing one (my family didn’t really do head coverings, and it was something I wanted to start doing), and because it helped block out some of the noise of the fridges in the shop.

A customer comes in and compliments my headscarf. I thank her. She then asks if she can buy it off of me. I laugh it off, assuming that she’s joking, and realize that SHE IS SERIOUS. She keeps asking and doesn’t seem to want to take ‘no’ for an answer. Eventually, I realize that I should give it to her, so that the situation doesn’t escalate. So I take it off and hand it to her. She says thank you, makes a purchase, and walks out, headscarf in hand.

A few days later she came by with a pair of socks and a card for me. When I got home and opened it, I FOUND A JEHOVAH’S WITNESS PAMPHLET AND AN INVITATION TO GO TO HER CHURCH.
I finally put two and two together, and realized that she must have assumed that I was Muslim and, disliking the fact that I was wearing a head covering, decided to convince me to remove it and try to convert me. I was SO upset!

Never saw her again, but I hope that I didn’t encourage her to bully actual Muslim women. That kind of behaviour is totally inexcusable, regardless of your belief.

TLDR; Woman walks into my work, assumes that I am Muslim (I’m not) convinces me to give her my headscarf, and then tries to convert me to her belief (Jehovah’s Witnesses).

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