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I am a single female, and in March I signed a 12 month lease for a wonderful ground floor apartment outside of the city. It was almost perfect in every way, and even meant I was less than half an hours walk away from my parents.

4 months later my landlord tells me he is going to sell the flat and that he is giving me 2 months to get out. I was floored, not least of all because I had spoken to him on several occasions about staying here long term. He apologises, says that he loses more money than he earns on it, but that the estate agents know about the situation and will help me find a place.

My anxiety goes into overdrive, and I am a mess. My parents, sister and best friend are of great comfort and offer me a good ear, and helpful solutions.

A few days later I go to the estate agents and discover that, no, they had no idea about what my landlord was doing and go over the lease with me – pointing out that there is no break clause in it, meaning my landlord CANNOT make me leave before the end of the 12 months.

I text my landlord and tell him this a few days later, and he phones me up demanding to know what I think he should do, asking if I would prefer him to default on the loans, have the bank take the flat and evict me (I later found out that would be unlikely to happen for a variety of reasons), and when I point out that I need more than 2 months to recoup my funds from moving *4 months ago* and want to find a decent place he starts to get aggressive.

He says that he has already promised to return my deposit to me (yeah, I would expect that to be the very least he can do!), that he will give me a good reference (again – yes, because I am in good standing), and even offered to help me move (I mean, if you want to deal with my angry parents, my sister and my brother-in-law, then go for it bud). When I tell him I need more time, and the contract is on my side, he then drops the bombshell that he *hand’t read the lease* before he signed it! That he had just assumed it would be 6 months, despite our previous conversations.

He then said that if I planned to stay until the end of my tenancy and not leave sooner, then he “would not be inclined to give me a good reference”. After I sputtered a bit in sheer shock at what had just been said, he asked how much it would cost to get me to leave.

I was furious, and hung up after telling him I needed time to think. I spoke to the estate agent (who was delightfully livid), and with the agreement that they would provide my reference and the recommendation that I do whatever I deem to be in my best interest, I have started house hunting again.

At this point I am doing only what is right for me, and if it takes me 2 months or 6, then so be it. He seems to be honestly shocked that I am angry at him, and has spend the last few days passive-aggressively implying that a couple of repairs that I needed (a broken toilet and a busted oven), had contributed to his losses, and trying to say that it was the estate agents fault for ‘lying about the lease length’.

Fingers crossed I can find a new place soon – not for him, but for my own sanity!

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