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I’m walking through the mall with my mom and we’re passing through an area with several kiosks, each with one or two people trying to hawk their wares.

Salesman: Hey there ladies! Can I interest you in some products from the Dead Sea? Guaranteed to make your skin beautiful!
Me: No, thank you.
Salesman: *begins following us* Are you sure? Here, try it on your hands! *begins reaching toward me with lotion at the ready*
Me: I said no. Thank you.
Salesman: *goes to grab for my shoulder to stop me* But wait! It’s a really good deal! You need to try this!
Me: *whips around and out of his reach* Listen to me, buddy. I’ve been polite. I said NO. Twice. When someone says NO, you move on and leave her alone. Got it?!
Salesman: *blinks, mouth agape*

Poor guy, I think I broke him. I glanced over my shoulder after we walked away and he was still standing here like that. I understand he was trying to make a sale, but being an a****** about it isn’t the way to do it. I don’t usually mouth off at people like that, but damn, how rude can you get?! No means *surprise* NO!

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