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My little Maltipoo would frequently start ‘crying wolf’ in her old age. Our front door had windows off to the side, and our living room had massive windows to look out. She’d just look out of one of those windows and bark at absolutely nothing at random. We eventually figured out that if we ignored it, she’d eventually stop.

One night, I’m home alone and she starts barking again. By this point, I’ve gotten so used to it that I can ignore it easily. Only… she’s not stopping. She just keeps going and going and going. Eventually, I’ve had enough and I head upstairs to find out what’s going on.

The first thing I notice is that the outside lights are on. Those are set on motion sensors. Anything moving outside turns them on, and they’re extremely sensitive. However, with the lights on, I’m able to see a shadowy figure running away from our house, and my mom’s van is covered in toilet paper and ketchup.

Our family is no stranger to vandalism; my mother is a high school math teacher well known for being pretty stern. Our town had a bunch of idiots and assholes, and for some reason, my brother was friends with them. Because of that, they knew exactly where we lived. This wasn’t even the first time the van had been targeted; just the day before, it had been covered with saran wrap and canned meat while we were out.

I’m pretty sure she decided to get back at me for not listening to her, because a few weeks later, one of those assholes got drunk, came into our house (my parents had the front door open and the screen door closed because it was a hot summer night and they were trying to cool down, and the screen door doesn’t lock), chucked a rock down the stairs, and took off, and she didn’t make a sound.

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