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Working field service for an industrial equipment manufacturer back in the early 1970’s; before the wide spread use of credit cards and when you could get on an airplane without going through security. A dollar was worth a lot more back then than now. We had five crew members already on a job site for over a week and were expected to be there another couple of weeks. Everyone going to a job site was given $300 cash in $20 bills from the company Business Office. You had to sign a receipt for the money. I was being sent out to assist with the job and replenish everyone’s travel money. I was given a note for the Business Office authorizing me to pick up $3300. Remember, that was in $20 bills, and I had to sign for all of it. At the time that was a LOT of money. I kept it in my pocket as I really didn’t want to have to pay it back if my luggage was lost. Fortunately I didn’t have to explain all that cash to a security agent, and I got to the job site with not problem. That evening I set in my motel room counting out $600 to each worker. Those were different times.

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