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(I just got hired for a new hotel, and my mother and I go to see it. It looks very nice, and I’m impressed…and then I see the train tracks beside it.)

Me: “Who would build their nice hotel next to train tracks?!”

Mom: *says nothing, looking shocked*

Me: “I’ll bet the train is going to go by, blowing its whistle, and disturbing all the guests!”

Mom: “Don’t be so negative, the train conductor probably will not, to be nice.”

Me: “Yeah right!”

(Just then, the train went by with an earsplitting honk.)

Mom: “Ok, maybe I’m wrong. But you need to keep this job!”

(I did and worked there for a year, and we got lots of complaints about the train blowing its horn overnight. I found out that the hotel took 5 million dollars to build. Who would build it next to a noisy train, though? We were 5 miles from a theme park, but still!)

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