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(So, I am a brand new cashier and usually we get about 2 weeks of training. I ended up getting only 1 because I was efficient and smart enough to be out on my own. We have a bakery in back which sometimes the food begins to go bad so the people in produce put it on our discount rack. This is a relatively small store and it is the 4th of July.) This lady come up to my counter with two loaves of rye bread in hand. She plops then down in front of me along with many more items. She points to one of the rye breads and says, “This one was on sale too! I found it on the discount rack!” I calmly looked at her and said, “well, maybe someone saw the other discount rye bread and left it there. It happens all the time.” And this woman begins getting angry. She had a friend with her who was watching the whole ordeal. “No, it had a sticker on it and it fell off!” Now, we usually put multiple stickers on our reduced items. And they don’t fall off. Before I could open my mouth to speak she began having a temper tantrum. “I am not paying full price for rye bread that’s just going to get gross and moldy and two days! It was discount! It fell off the sticker fell off!” While she was whining I was scanning her items and bagging them as fast as I could. Finally in the middle of her rant she says, “I will not pay full price for this!” And leaves the counter to the bakery section. I watched as this woman harassed a lady in the bakery, her friend stood awkwardly by. I told her to go to the register across from me, and my coworker was watching this whole thing go down. I waited for about five minutes for this lady comes back with a new loaf of rye bread. I rang it up and the lady asked if I rang up her customer loyalty card and I said no. So I go to ring it up, lo and behold the whole site crashes momentarily. “Ma’am,” I said calmly. “I may have to re scan your items.” She went off the deep end again saying, “Oh now you have to scan them? They were just bagged!!” Mind you, they’ve been sitting in the bag the whole damn ordeal. I find out that it had saved, didn’t put in her card, and sent her on her way as fast as I could. My coworker walked over to me and said, “All that over $1.00 less rye bread?”

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