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Growing up my dad got me into comics and superheros, especially a certain webslinger. As such I pride myself on self on knowing who’s who in the latest superhero movies coming out. Me and my husband are currently sitting on the couch, I’m reading stories on my phone while he is playing the latest webslinger game to come out on the TV. For what ever reason I proceed to have the biggest brain fart come on to me at this moment.
Me:oh hey I forgot they made a new Webslinger game. It’s good to see (original Webslinger trilogy actor) getting work again.
Husband: (pauses the game and looks at me like I’ve grown two heads) babe…
Me: (looks back at him) what?
Husband: did…did you really just…
It takes me a full minute almost to realize what I had just said. And we had just watched the lastest movie in theaters the other day as well
Me: Don’t you dare repeat this back to my dad…

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