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, | Unfiltered | May 16, 2022

I was just helping out at my aunts shop well she checked things in the back

I have a general stammer/stutter speech impediment. Its not really that big a deal but I often say words in the wrong tenses, order, or just the wrong word in general, then start to stutter, when I notice I’m making mistakes. I was just helping as a casher for maybe 30 minutes in my aunts shop, and I normally have no issues. But this one guy, boy did he not like me.

Me:*trying to say would you like cash back?* “Would you like to ges cass cass. Ges cash cast. C-cast. Like to g-gets the cash-shs back.”

Man:*looking at me clearly not understanding what I’m attempting to say* “what? Are you retarded, who the f**k hired a retard to wring up cash?”

Me:*slightly taken back but I’m regaining my composure* “I’m sorry sir i just have a slight speech issue sometime. I was asking if you’d like cashed back.”

Man:”no i dont you inbred just give me my damn bag.”

I just handed him the bag and watch him leave, not before telling my aunt she should fire the retard at the counter. I haven’t helped in her shop sense.

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