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(It’s exam season and there are a lot of room changes. My school’s room numbers correspond to the 3 blocks; if it starts with 1, it is in A block, if it starts with 2, it is in B block, if it starts with 3, it is C block. My class is on our way to Drama in room 303 and the Library is in A block)
Student: A note on the door says we need to be in the Library.
(We go to the library and are sent back to 303)
Teacher: You need to be in the Library
Student: We were told we needed to be here.
Student: Let’s go to the PSU (Pupil Support Unit) to find out.
(On our way, another teacher tells us we need to be in 250… but the PSU told us we needed to be in 113. Most people go to 250)
250 teacher: There’s a class in here. You need to be in 249.
249 teacher: (Full classroom) Sorry, I don’t know where you’re meant to be.
(We start to go to 113. On our way we pass C block and see a teacher)
Teacher: Are you [class]?
Us: Yeah
Teacher: We’re in 113. Where is it?
(We lead the way. As we start settling down, a librarian comes in)
Librarian: The wrong class was in the library. You’re meant to be there.
(We go to the library and, amazingly, were only 10 minutes later starting than we should have been)

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