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(My boyfriend is looking for a job. Our roommate works at an upscale car wash and offers to get him a job there. He agrees. After a couple days of working, my boyfriend comes home looking stressed.)
Me: What’s wrong?
Boyfriend: I’m not sure about this job. Some of the things the owner does is…not good.
Me: Wait, what do you mean?
Boyfriend: Well, there’s a tip jar, but she keeps any bills over $5. She fired someone the other day for dropping a couple things, and told him she’d make sure he never finds another job again. And there’s a few people that definitely are being paid under the table. Plus I never got a proper training and I’m expected to do as well as everyone else already.
Me: …a lot of that isn’t legal. You know that, right?
Boyfriend: Yeah, I know.
(We end up printing out some law references. I come in with my boyfriend and roommate the next day.)
Owner: *sees me* Who’s this b****? I’m not hiring her!
Me: Trust me, I wouldn’t wanna work here.
Owner: Then why the f*** are you here?!
(I pull out the papers and explain every law that I know she’s breaking. It’s a decent list, as our roommate told us many other things the owner does.)
Owner: You can’t prove that! You can’t prove anything!
Me: Actually, we can. We’ve got video and audio evidence of enough violations. If you fire [boyfriend] or [roommate], we can sue, as they have a legal right to report violations without retaliation.
Owner: Well…I’ll just fire everyone! You can’t sue if I fire EVERYONE!
(She did, in fact, fire her whole crew. Last I heard, she had to sell the business because she couldn’t get anyone to work for her.)

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