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I live in a multilingual country, with German, French and Italian being three of the four official languages. English is not an official language, nevertheless a lot of the people, especially the younger generation can speak it sufficiently well, me included.
We are in a bus where a young woman, late teens or very early twenties is sitting a few seats away from me. She is sitting next to the standing area. In the standing area is an middle aged woman with a lot of full shopping bags.
When the bus takes a sudden turn, the middle aged woman sways for a short moment before regaining her posture again. But in the process, her shopping bags brush against the young woman’s legs.
Immediately, the young woman starts loudly complaining in English to the older woman about this mishap. It becomes apparent, that the older woman is not able to understand English as she tries to use the few words she know to explain herself. What also becomes apparent, is that she is not a native Swiss, but probably belongs to the large population of immigrants from the Balkan-area (former Yugoslavia).
When the young woman realizes, that the older woman does not speak or understand English, she begins berating her, claiming she is uneducated and should learn English.
unfortunately, I was sitting too far away and the bus was full of people, to make my way to the two.
But it made me so angry, that a young foreigner, not speaking any of our national languages, was berating another person who might have at one point immigrated to Switzerland, but learnt the language!

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