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this happened after i just left my job in the militairy, for later in the story im 6,4 and altough ive always been on the skinny side my job in the army and extra work outs made me pretty muscular, i just took a job in a small store untill i can find a better job. It wasnt in the best neighbourhood but it was the quickest job offer i got.
The store where i work has only females working besides the manager who is a very small but friendly man, so the day i started the first problem was that they couldnt find a shirt in my size, mostly because all they had there were for females and all small, my manager said he would order one for me but asked me if i could atleast try one of the small girls one on for today, i accepted and lo and behold it fitted, barely. It was really tight and i couldnt close the last two buttons, anyway the day started and he asked me if i could add the new products to the shelves and handed me sheetd with photos of how it should look like, i started working and helping customers in the meantime, i was stocking a shelf at the bottom and sitting on my knees when i heard a alot of noise coming from the registers behind me, i turned around and there was a man ( obviously drunk ) and about 6 feet standing at the registers and harrassing two of my female coworkers ( note they are all about 5.2 feet )

Drunk customer : you girls are so pretty. I swear all the girls that work here are gorgeus, why dont you come with me after youre done working and i can show you both a good time ( he was licking his lips in a disgusting way while he said this )

Female coworker 1 : no thankyou sir, and now you have paid for your purchase can you move aside so i can help the other costumers

Drunk costumer : c’mon dont be like that, ill treat you really good and i earn alot of money to …spoil you

Female coworker 2 : sir , please youre holding up the line and there are other costumers waiting to pay

Drunk costumer : oh dont be mad at me baby girl , you can join us to, im generous enough to share

At this point i had enough so i decide to step in

Me : HEY BUDDY! I dont apreciate how youre talking to my coworkers so if youre done with your purchases and paid for them you should leave the store and continue your day

The moment i said that he looked like he was about to flip, his face twisted with anger he turned around untill he saw me


He walked ( or rather wobbled ) over me untill he was standing right before me

Drunk costumer : C’MON THEN YOU F…… A.. LETS DO THIS

As he said this i was slowly getting up and rising to my feet, as soon as i got up he saw that i was a head taller and he already had the ‘deer in the headlights ‘ look on his face, the moment i stood up straight the most beautifull thing that could happen at such a moment happened, my shirt that was way to small completely tore apart, all the buttons broke and came off, the arms were ripped up and there basicly wasnt much left of it

Me : oh, oops, now did i recall you saying something?

Drunk costumer : ehh… No? No.. No i dont think i did ehh… i.. I have to go now

As he was starting to walk away i grabbed him by his wrist and pulled him towards me

Me : arnt you forgetting to say something to my lovely coworkers

Drunk customer : eh.. Thankyou?…. Uhh and im sorry? Yeah yeah im sorry…

Me : good, i said with a smile, thankyou very much for shopping with us today i hope you have a great day

As he walked out of the store everyone bursted out in laughter and my coworkers breathed a sigh of relief

Coworker 1 : well youve met (regular drunk ) untill now none of us could really do something against him and we were forced to wait it out

Me : well glad i fixed that problem but what about my shirt!?

Coworker 2 : ( while laughing ) yeah forget about that. You can take a break and help manager process the incoming shipment in the storage afterwards

We never saw the drunk regular again.. I have no idea why.
The next day my coworkers pranked me by hiding the man shirts that got delivered for me and told me i should just keep wearing the woman shirts because they had a much better effect.

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