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(I apply for a job as a cleaner, and get it. I’ve had some experience cleaning a filthy gym so I figure it can’t be that bad. When I get to the location, it’s a huge building, bigger than a hospital, and my stomach sinks. But again, I tell myself it can’t be that bad. Wrong. There are 1000 cubicles in this building – yes I counted – and each one has a trash can, and I have to empty out each one. Plus, I was expected to clean 4 fully equipped kitchens, and 8 bathrooms. And mop and vacuum each floor. All in 4 hours! I hurried as fast as I could but didn’t finish in time. I quit soon after, they paid too little. And I don’t know any human who could do all that in 4 hours, Superman maybe, and that’s a big maybe!)

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