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, | Unfiltered | May 10, 2022

There isn’t paricualrly anything wrong with this story, but it tickled me how much we are reliant on technology.

I’m at a bar ordering two soft drinks for me and a friend. We receive the drinks and she takes them to a table whilst I pay:

Barmaid: “That’s £3.75 please.”

As I’m getting my wallet out to pay, I see her rummaging around the bar looking for something. A suspicion crosses my mind that she is looking for a card reader, so I let it play out as I am standing there with a £5 note on show in my hand.

Several moments later she finds what she is looking for and without properly looking up says:

“Is it contactless?”

I couldn’t resist, and just replied:

“It’s a £5 note!”

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