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My boyfriend and I went to same university half the country across from the place we were born. When we met, I was attending the hardest-to-get-in university, and he was attending the other university that was easier to get into. Keep in mind, all the universities here are almost the same quality, but more closer it is to the capital, more sought after it is because there are more people enrolling. Next year I’m sick of sleeping sitting up travelling on trains and decided to change universities. I tried to change places with some other student, but the uni wouldn’t let us. I had to do the entrance exams again to get in to the other uni, which meant I had ”study rights” in both the universities.

Fast forward a couple of years. My boyfriend graduated and we are thinking of moving back to my hometown, as we both have a job offer from companies from there. The first uni I attended would be a lot closer, so I enquire if I can continue my studies there, as I have just completed my bachelor degree and started the masters. I call the study coordinator and explain that I would like to do my masters degree there.

SC: Mm-hm. Well, the only way to get to do your masters thesis here, is that you apply to our special masters thesis program for students from other universities (very very hard to get into)
Me: But I already have study rights to both bachelors and masters in your university. I only did my bachelors degree in the other university.
SC: Wha…? You can’t have study rights in both universities. *goes on about how the entrance exams work*
Me: Yeah… I attended a year in your university and changed to the other next year so… I have study rights to both
SC: Hmm.. I see. Then you would have to give up your study rights to apply again to our masters degree program.
Me: Uh… but I already have study rights to your masters degree…
SC: Yes, but you didn’t do your bachelors here, so… And if we had to accept your bachelors thesis here, it would take half a year and a LOT of work, and besides we don’t usually accept whole degrees, only maybe about a half…
Me *thinking that in the other university it was no problem and took 5 minutes from the secretary to accept 1/3 of my degree and a stamp from the dean*
SC: By the way, why would you do that? Nobody before has ever changed from our university, it’s always the other way around!
Me: (while thinking it’s none of his business) Well… my boyfriend attended the other university so I changed because of him…
SC: Kids these days, now that you’ve broken up you want to come back, is that it, huh?
Me: …What? No, my _fiancee_ graduated and found a job near your university.
SC: …

I swear to god that was the coldest silent two minutes I’ve ever experienced.

SC: I will have our lawyer e-mail you…

And yes, the lawyer contacted me, and said the same thing. My boyfriends dad is a lawyer and thought that they are wrong and he would have helped me to attend that university, but I thought I don’t want to be associated with a university like that. With the help of lovely teachers at the other uni I completed my masters degree while living and working 500km away and caring for our first child.

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