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I work for a well known bulk food store chain’s corporate office, which is very close to one of our retail locations. I am hanging out in the food court, enjoying the day and my slice of pizza and a frozen coffee beverage around 6pm, which is the height of the dinner rush when this lady starts going ballistic about her wait time. Mind you I’m the only other person sitting at this table, so I can’t tell if she’s ranting at me or not.

Woman: fifteen minutes. It’s been fifteen minutes and I still don’t have my pizza!

Me: ummm…they’ve got slices, maybe they already called your number and you just didn’t hear?

Woman: Ugh, no, I don’t want slices, I want my pizza!

Me (realizing she’s ordered a whole pie during the dinner rush): Oh! You ordered a whole pie, well if you pre-ordered they’re usually pretty good about keeping to their times. When did they tell you it’d be ready?

Woman: “I didn’t pre-order it, but I’m here now! I should go to the front of the line! I can’t believe they’re making me wait an hour for five pizzas while these other people get their pizza first! I’ve seen them sell three so far!” (gesturing to crowd of people getting slices)

Me: Wait…you expect them to stop feeding people slices because you ordered 5 pizzas in the middle of their dinner rush?

Woman: Well, yeah. I waited in line!

Me, getting up to leave, but looking around and stage whispering conspiratorially: Tell you what, I work for this company and I can give you a secret to getting your pizzas in less than an hour.

Woman, getting excited: OH YEAH?

Me: If you don’t want to pre-order…

Woman: Yeah?

Me, walking away and returning to a normal voice: There’s take-n-bakes inside.

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