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(I recently just moved, and don’t know anyone, so I’m thrilled when a coworker invites me to a barbecue. I’ve never been to one, so I decided to bring a meat to grill it on. I ask the coworker, and she says it’s ok. So I bring some ribs and start grilling it. As anyone knows, ribs take some time and I’m busily cooking them.)

Coworker: “Hey, you brought some ribs!” *licks lips* “That’s excellent! Please hurry, we’re waiting!”

Me: “I’m trying!”

Coworker: “Ok, I’ll bring back a dish so you can put them in there when they’re done.”

(Finally the ribs are cooked, after many ‘hurry up’s of my coworker, and I plate them and cut them.)

Me: “Say, do you have a sink where I can wash my dirty things?” *holds up cutting board and tools*

Coworker: “Sure! Inside!” *tips head toward kitchen, and licks lips* “Mmm, they look great!” *carries my ribs to the table with the rest of the food*

(I go and wash my things, which only takes a few minutes mind you, and put my things in my bag. When I go outside again, I notice that the barbecue party is a lot bigger, and people are clamoring everywhere. I look hopefully to see where my ribs are, as I’m hungry too, and find them nowhere.)

Me: “Say, do you know where my ribs are?”

Coworker: “Oh….everyone ate them all up.”

Me: *upset* “What! I wanted one!”

Coworker: *shrugs and then goes off*

(I finally find the tables where she put the food, and the only things left were some beans someone else brought. All the meats were gone! I was floored. My coworker invited me again, but I told her that I had to wash my hair. Mind you, I didn’t think that my ribs would be all for me, but I really underestimated hungry people at a barbecue. In a few minutes, 10 tops!)

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