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(My family and I are eating at a popular waffle place. As we finish I get up and start clearing our table)

Other customer: “excuse me, am I able to get a plate of bacon?”

Me: (unaware he thinks I am a waitress, as there are no waitresses who work there and I am clearing not in a uniform) “uh… I’m not sure I can ask if you want me to though.” (I stare, expecting him to just ask himself, but was still willing to find out)

Customer: “how do you not know? Is that not a common request?” (He was more confused than angry, but still a bit irritated)
(We Starr at each other blankly for a second)
My father: (seeing both sides of the situation) “she doesn’t work here sir, she has just as much control of your bacon needs as you do.”

(I later learned that I had bit slightly cleaning up their table during the conversation, just adding to this poor mans confusion. He just wanted some bacon.)

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