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I work with children and teenagers with mental challenges such as being on the autism spectrum, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, and a variety of related quirks.

Recently, one student was filling out a feedback form for a class in Anime and Manga, and had to write down what his favorite thing in class was. The student wrote down his answer and passed his paper back, making me do a quick double take.

I had parsed his handwriting as “butt b*atch” – not at all something appropriate to write down! I asked for some clarification, since it was hard to read and I didn’t want to accuse him of bad language with that much reasonable doubt. It turns out that another student had brought in a collection of Beyblades to share, and the “Beyblades” were the student’s intended answer, and he rewrote it to make it clear.

At the end of the day, I was able to share this story with the rest of the staff, who laughed with me because I am not known for saying such words.

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