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(Our clinic covers patients parking downstairs. It is not advertised, nor do we tell every single patient as a requirement on the phone because most of the other practices in the building don’t, but if asked we explain we do. Patient’s would show us their entry ticket I get a call one afternoon.)

ME: *Medical Practice*. This is *Me*.

MAN: *Agitated and in-audible* parking *In-audible*

ME: Parking? Yes! We have parking downstairs and we reimburse for the first hour if you’re one of our patients. Do you have an appointment with us, or want to make one?

MAN: No! *In-audible* Parking.

ME: If you are seeing another clinic then you’d need to go to suite 5. They are in charge of the parking.

MAN: *getting agitated* We saw you! We have appointment! You said you pay parking when we called!

ME: You are one of our patients? Lovely. What was your name?

(He gives me his name and date of birth, but I can’t find an appointment for him. I try all sorts of variations, but it’s a foreign name so I start to getting worried. I ask when the appointment is.)

MAN: Now! We come just now! You pay for parking!

ME: Are you here and you can’t get out?


ME: Are you looking for the parking entrance? It says seven dollars outside, but we pay for it inside when you leave.

MAN: NO! You didn’t say that! You said you pay for parking! You don’t pay! You don’t tell me anything!

ME: Are you on the street? Go ahead and park underground and we’ll see you inside.

MAN: I’m not coming back!

(I’m very confused by this point and let him yell it out. I’m still trying to understand the situation.)

MAN: You should explain! You didn’t explain! You didn’t pay! We are not coming back now! You need to tell people!

(I’m piecing it together using the phone number her called me on. He didn’t have the appointment, his wife did. Literally twenty minutes before he called. He gave me all his information, which of course wouldn’t be the appointment information. Whoever made the appointment told them we’d cover parking. He took that as some magic hoodoo when he left and didn’t think to come back upstairs and tell us he couldn’t get out. He paid. Went home. And decided to call back and yell at us instead of resolving it. He didn’t even want to come back to get reimbursed. I have no patience for moronic patients.)

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