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, | Unfiltered | April 14, 2022

I was about 10 at the time, when my mother and older sister came to pick me up from netball practice. As it was only going to be about 10 min my mum left her handbag (with the carkeys/housekeys) and my sister in the car. My sister got bored and left to join my mum but ended up locking the car with the keys inside. [Friends mum] let my mum call my dad (who was about 2 hours away) and gave us a lift back home to wait until he arrived.

My mum stayed out the front to wait, however me and my sister went around the back to play with our dog to pass the time. Now our dog isn’t very big, so the dog door we have installed is only about 25x35cm (10×14 inches), yet I distinctly remember standing there thinking *I wonder…..* my sister sees me eyeing off the dog door and comes over.

Sister: “There’s no way your going to fit.”

Me: “Well we don’t unless I try…”

Sister: “you’re going to get stuck, and when you do I’m going to stand here and laugh at you.”

Looking back I have no idea how I did it, but by sheer determination I managed to squeeze and pull myself through that dog door and prove her wrong.

Plus the *WTF* look on my mother face when I unlocked the front door to let her into the house was priceless.

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