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I worked as a hostess at a restaurant and one day we had a big party of a little more than 30 people. They reserved our banquet room that was in the basement of our restaurant. For this party, the hosts picked three dinners that the others could pick from: cheeseburgers, fish, or a salad. The waitress who served the party was understandably busy, and I wasn’t so I helped her serve them. First the cooks made all the cheeseburgers, so the waitress and I were running up and down trying to find which customers had the cheeseburgers. I had one left and I went table to table asking everyone if they ordered one and no one claimed it. If people were talking I made sure to wait until they paused to ask if they had the cheeseburger, still no one said anything but no. Okay fine, the kitchen probably accidentally made an extra. The fish came up next so we ran up and down figuring out who had these. Then the salads came up which were easier to run because everyone who didn’t have anything in front of them were the ones who had salads… or so I thought. I go up to this women with no plate in front of her.

Me: Did you have the salad?

Her: Umm, no I think I ordered the cheeseburger.

Guy sitting next to her: She came around like 10 minutes ago and asked you if you had the cheeseburger and you said no!

Her: Well I obviously wasn’t listening!

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