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, | Unfiltered | April 12, 2022

(I’m the customer in this story, unfortunately. I’m at the register, paying for my 20€ shopping, which allows for contactless payment. To my defense, I’ve had a long busy day at work before this and my attention is all over the place at this point. The cashier has informed me of my total, and I go to tap my card. The card machine declines my card, giving some kind of an error.)

Cashier: Oops! Don’t worry, that happens sometimes. Let’s try again, but use the chip this time, that usually gets around this error.

Me: *Taps it again while chatting to the cashier, the machine declines it.*

Cashier: Ah, sorry, you need to use the chip. Let’s try one more time!

Me: *Taps it AGAIN, and right as I’m doing it, it finally clicks in my mind what I’ve been told TWICE now.* OH!! I need to INSERT IT. I’m so sorry, I get it now!

Cashier: *Chuckles* That’s fine, one more time!

Me: *I finally manage to insert the card, type in my pin, and pay for my stuff successfully.* THERE we go! I’m so sorry about this, I’ve had a long day!

Cashier: It’s alright, don’t worry about it. Here’s your receipt!

Me: Thank you, and thank you for your patience too! Have a great day!

(At least there wasn’t a line. I left all flustered, but stopped by their little feedback machine and gave them a 10/10 for service to make up for not listening.)

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