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It’s the end of the year of my sophomore year and it’s time for senior pranks. Last year they filled all the stair cases with ballons and plastic wrapped the toilets. This year all they did was throw bubble wrap and yarn around and take every single chair from the cafeteria. In our cafeteria we have benches, big chairs, moveable ottomans and normal chairs (which have all been taken in the morning) come lunch all chairs are still gone. Luckily my friends and I find a bench and empty table the three of us barely fit but we agree that we are better off then the people who have no where to sit or eat. When my two other friends show up they have no where to sit so I have this conversation with the table of 3 boys who have a whole bench (1 boy is sitting there), a chair (1 boy sitting here) and the ottoman (1 boy sitting here)
Me: hey we need some more chairs and since that bench is basically empty could y’all go sit there so we can take the chair and ottoman?
Guy 1 on bench: says nothing and looks at his friends
Guy 2 in ottoman: (swears) no
Guy 3 in chair: sure you can take this
Me: Thank you
My friends then go to share the chair
Fast forward to now my third friend is here with again no place to sit the boys next to us is now just two of them one on the long bench and one on the ottoman. They have gone into the store to buy snacks
Me: just take that ottoman there’s only two of them they can both fit on the bench so it’s rude of them to take that when they don’t need it
Friend: takes ottoman and starts eating
Now the boys are back-
Guy 2: wait the (bad word) give me back my seat!
Friend: looks at me like what do I do
me: standing up I say pointing at the bench- there’s only two of you. It won’t hurt you to sit next to your friend. There’s no where else for (friend) to sit. I mean your friend looks like I nice guy I don’t think he’s going to bite you! You will be okay! I sit down and continue eating.
Guy sits down on the bench next to his friend and eats his snack then both boys left after 5 minutes!
Friend 2: (my name) this is why we keep you around you and your big mouth!

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