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(My aunt, the youngest of six siblings and at the time of this story the only one with a degree, had at one point five dogs. Except for two, she got them all as adults and they were rescues that just happen to her. Most of them were mixed breads but one of them she bought as a pup, a Pyrenean mountain dog. It starts life as a fluffy ball with paws it seemingly will never grow into and grows into a fairly large dog. It is a docile and gentile bread but in origin bread to fight bears that ones roamed the Pyrenees so not to be messed with. There are stories of burglars mistaken in the genteel disposition even playing with them, until they try to leave the house. One family get together, we were sitting together.)
Aunt: Now something happened. I was afraid of my own dog but I could not let go as I am responsible if she attacked the guy.
Some family member: What guy?
Aunt: Well, I was walking the dogs at (wood) at 3 AM and there was a guy lurking behind a tree. He had something creepy over him but I was too occupied with my dog. (The big Pyrenean one) was growling and aggressive and I’ve never seen her like that. I had to struggle to get her away.
(She mentioned the 3 AM walk as if it was normal and the whole family stared at her, stunned.)
Aunt: (defensive) Well, I was scared she would attack the guy and well, I need to be in control of my dog.
My mother (the big sister): He would have gotten what he deserved! You know he had bad intentions, right?
Aunt: yeah, well, I could not let my dog attack him.
(She looked at me for understanding as I’m closer to her in years than any of her siblings.)
Me: Auntie, you do realize that without your dog acting as she was, he would have harmed you?
(No, it never dawned to her that she was in any kind of danger. She always complained that her dogs were more prone to lick and cuddle someone to dead than to defend her. Since, I just reminded her of the day she got scared by her dog while she should have feared the man behind the trees…)

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