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I’m a smoker but I try to be respectful. If I want to smoke I try to stand or sit away from others or if I’m going to sit next to someone I’ll ask if they mind and if they do I’ll move. I’m waiting for my boyfriend and am sitting on empty bench beside a river, using my phone to take voice notes while reading on my tablet. I’ve just lit a smoke when a guy in his 50’s sits down next to me.
Guy: that’s disgusting. Put it out.
Me: excuse me.
Guy: god, young people are so rude always on their phones and smoking it’s just disgusting. PUT IT OUT! I shouldn’t have to put up with your filthy habit.
(I look up and notice that which ever way he’s come from there are at least two empty benches either way.)
Me: for one, I’m making notes for my uni classes and two, no I won’t put it out. You’ve walked past at least two empty benches to sit and harrass me. If you don’t like it move.
The guy starts screaming: you stupid young b****. You have no respect for any one. Your trying to kill me.
Me: look here, if all the other benches where taken and you where already sitting here then I can see a problem but as you walked past empty spots to sit next to me while I’m already smoking it’s your problem not mine. Now please leave me alone.
Guy still yelling: you f***ing little s***. No f***ing respect. (Tries to grab my phone and tablet but I move them so he tells of the bench.) You b****, that’s assault you pushed me.
Me: no, yiu

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