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I suffer an asthma attack one evening. It gets bad, and it becomes clear that I will need medical care, since my own meds does nothing to soothe this attack. In Denmark, you have to call a number, where they will judge your emergency and tell you where to go for assistance. My mother calls in for me since I cannot speak at this point. We are told to drive to the emergency room at once and call an ambulance if it gets worse. When we get to the emergency room, I have blood samples taken and is shown to the waiting room. I then sit there for three whole hours! It is now late at night and there is only one other person in the waiting room beside myself and my parents. I still can’t breathe, and have soon been awake for 24 hours. I am exhausted, I can’t feel my fingers, gums or lips, and Istart having a panic attack. My father tries to get sombody, but he can’t find any medical personnel. Eventually, I pass out in my chair. When I come around, a nurse appears with a wheelchair to take me to treatment. I am given a mask with something good in it, because it helps right away. I am then wheeled down to the lung department, where I meet the most vague doctor I have ever encountered.

Doctor: I understand you have had an asthma attack?

Me: Yes.

The doctor then listens to my lungs.

Doctor: I don’t hear anything out of the ordinary. Your infection numbers are normal. How is your breathing?

Me: Better, but still not fantastic.

My mother: She also has a fewer. (This was recorded by the nurses.)

Doctor: Oh, I didn’t know she still had a fewer. I’ll be back.

He then leaves and comes back around ten minutes later.

Doctor: It is standard procedure to take x-rays of people who have had asthma attacks, but I don’t know if it is necerssary in your case. (The doctor is quit for minutes, physically shifting back and forth.) I think I would be comfortable sending you home, as long as you won’t be alone.

My parents promise to stay with me, and I am discharged. I still have a fever, but at this point I just want to get out if there and sleep, so we go home. The following night, my temperature rises to 39 degrees celsius. I get an emergency appointment with my own doctor the next morning, where it is established, that I have a lung infection, which was probably the cause of my asthma attack. I got penicillin, and I was fortunately able to overcome the next couple of days with my own asthma medicine, so I wouldn’t have to go back to that hospital and that doctor.

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