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, | Unfiltered | April 9, 2022

I got an email one morning from the library. I only glance at it. It’s telling me that my card was about to expire. Which I thought was odd, since I had paid the annual fee only a week or so prior. But I shrug and head over to the public library after my university classes are over.
Me: Hey, so, I got an email saying that my card was about to expire but I just paid the fee?
Receptionist: (frowns) That’s… odd. When did you get it?
Me: This morning. I’ve got the email here, if that helps?
(I show her my phone)
Receptionist: (laughs) That’s not from us, that’s from the university library!
Me: … oh.
We have a good laugh about my silliness and I still chuckle about it today! Always read your emails, kids!

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