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(My mom has an unusual first name, but it’s pretty phonetic if you know how it’s supposed to be pronounced. After her regular beautician gets a new job, she calls the office to reschedule her recurring appointment. The entire time she’s on the phone, the beautician’s receptionist has my mom’s file, with her full first name, displayed in front of her.)

Receptionist: Thank you for calling [Beauty Center], how can I help you?

Mom: Hi, my name is Suzanne [Last Name], and I have an appointment on [date] with [Old Technician]. I’d like to reschedule for the same day with [New Technician].

Receptionist: Alright, Susan, I’m seeing your appointment there. [New Technician] is free at 2:00 that day, does that work for you?

Mom: Yes, I can do 2:00 with [New Technician]. Do I need to bring in any notes from my past appointments with [Old Technician]?

Receptionist: No, Susan, you should be good to go. I’ll let [New Technician] know about the new appointment, under Susan [Last Name] –

Mom: Sorry, it’s Suzanne. The appointment should be under Suzanne, not Susan.

Receptionist: Oh, my goodness. I am so, so sorry about that, Susan. I’ll put a note on that appointment right now. It’s under your name, Susan [Last Name], now. Is that all right?

Mom: *fed up* Sure, ok. I’ll be there [date] at 2:00. Thank you.

(She hangs up, rolling her eyes at me. Less than a minute later, her phone rings again.)

Mom: This is Suzanne.

Receptionist: Oh, my goodness, I am so, so sorry. I had meant to put out a call to confirm the appointment time for a different client, but I called you back instead. I am so sorry about that, Susan! Have a nice day, now, Susan.

(My mom hangs up again, staring at me openmouthed.)

Me: Well…at least she’s consistent. Right, Susan?

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