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A family of three came in, and I’m not usually one to judge but they looked like were on some form of drug and they acted like it as well. They came up to the register and took a while to order since they were first time customers. One of them got a three piece tender dinner (tenders are one of our most expensive items), and the others just ordered regular dinners. The oldest one who I would guess was the mom was paying. So I told her their total and she BLEW up. None of my coworkers were around when it happened so I dealt with her myself. She was throwing a fit about the total and I snapped and said something along the lines of “I’m sorry you’re upset with the price but I can’t change it.” She then responded saying she would pay it but was very angry. We have people who come in all the time and order our most expensive things and throw a fit about the price, this was just one of the crazier moments of it.

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