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I work at an Arby’s, which makes sandwiches with all sorts of meats (6+ kinds) and cheeses.

Every year for a couple months we have a promotion with fish sandwiches, and we have one lady who comes through frequently asking if we still have them, even if we told her yesterday we do/don’t. We’ll call her FL, short for Fish Lady.

(This story takes place when we DO have the fish on our menu, also keep in mind that we fry our fish. It takes 5 minutes for the frying process)

FL drives into our drive thru, but doesn’t stop at our speaker, she instead instantly drives up to the window and proceeded to try to order at the window. My coworker who is in the drive-thru station at the moment told her to go through the drive-thru or we won’t take her order.

(I’m on backline making the sandwiches, but I have a headset on in order to make sandwiches as they’re being ordered. So I can hear everything)

*after she’s driven up to the speaker*

FL: Do you still have the fish sandwiches??

Coworker: Yes we do.

FL: I want one of them FRESH out of the fryer, you hear me!? Fresh!!

Coworker: We can do that for you, although it’ll take 5 minutes to fry them fresh for you, is that okay?

FL: That’s fine! As long as it’s fresh!

I then go drop the fish (I drop 5, I needed some new ones anyways) and start prepping the buns so all I have to do is put the fish on it and then wrap it.

Fish gets done, I wrap it, send it out, coworker bags it and hands it to her.

FL: (after looking in the bag for 0.3 seconds) I asked for tartar sauce on the side!! Not on my sandwich!!

(Me along with my 3 other coworkers who have headsets all look at each other and silently confirm she didn’t order it that way, but we have to comply anyways)

Coworker: I’m so sorry about that, we’ll fix that for you.

I then remake the sandwich, put the tartar sauce in a little cup, put the lid on the little cup, and then put it in the bag along with her sandwich.

She then takes the bag, drives away. Then comes back in about 2 minutes later enraged.


Coworker #2 (covering the front counter that day) and I both look inside the bag, tartar sauce is covering the wrapped sandwich and also 70% of the inside of the bag.

Coworker #2: (who’s also my shift manager this shift) I’m so sorry about that, we’ll get you a brand new sandwich

Coworker #2 then hands me the tartar sauce covered sandwich and whispers: Just rewrap the sandwich.

I could feel that the fish was still very hot so I’m guessing he thought she wouldn’t notice.

We then, under her supervision. Bagged the rewrapped sandwich, new cup of tartar sauce, and also lots of napkins

FL: Finally!!

She then walks out not even murmuring a “thank you” or “have a good day”

Definitely not the weirdest I’ve had but definitely the rudest so far.

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