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, | Unfiltered | March 30, 2022

(When I was little, I used to like a popular rock band. One day when I’m watching TV, I see that band performing, in nothing but socks! I’m horrified, as I’ve never seen naked men before. Keeping in mind, I was a little girl raised by religious, strict parents.)

Brother: *listening to his radio* “You know [Rock Band]? They’re cool huh?”

Me: “Yeah, until once I saw them on TV wearing nothing but socks!”

Brother: “What, really?!”

Me: “Yeah.”

Brother: “Well, they may have good music, but they sure are vulgar…”

(I agreed, and later learned that being naked on TV was the more prudish thing that rock bands do! Too bad they feel that they have to add shock value to their shows. Little kids idolize them! What’s wrong with just making good music?)

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