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(This was really weird. Our German teacher was drawing random color cards and going around the room, asking us to say the name of the color in German.
Red is spelled “rot.” It is pronounced like rote or boat. I’ll use the phonetic spelling because it’s the only way to textually describe what happened.)

Teacher: *draws orange* “[Student 1], what color am I holding?”
Student 1: “Oh-rrrahngeh.”
Teacher: “Correct. Oh-rrrahngeh.” *draws red* “[Student 2]?”
Student 2: “Rawht.”
Teacher: “No, roh-t.”
Student 2: “Like I said, rawht.”
Teacher: “No. Roh-t.”
Student 2: “Why do you keep repeating yourself? It’s rawht.”
Teacher: *sighs* “Let’s move on.” *draws yellow* “[Student 3]?”
Student 3: “Gehlb.”
Teacher: “Correct. Gehlb.”
(The teacher asked some more people, even asking others what red is- they got it right- then went back to Student 2.)
Teacher: *holding red* “This is roh-t. Roooooooohhhhhhh-t. Can you repeat that?”
Student 2: “Rawht. Rawwwwwhhhhhht.”
Teacher: *draws a few other colors* “[Student 2], can you tell me what these are?”
Student 2: *pronounces everything more-or-less correctly*
Teacher: “Okay, so why won’t you say roh-t?”
Student 2: “I am saying rawht!!! I’m saying it! I’m saying rawht!” *starting to get hysterical*
Teacher: “[Student 2], why don’t you go get some water? I’ll speak to you after class.”
(She left. The next day, she still couldn’t pronounce rot, but the teacher seemed to give up trying. I still don’t know what her deal is.)

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