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(I work at a big-name pet store. We just had an entire store reset, and 90% of our stock are in different places now. A lot of customers are, somehow, unable to recall what kind of dog food they normally buy if its in a different spot.)
Me: *stocking shelves*
Customer: *behind me* [Popular Brand].
Me: *turns around* Oh, I’m sorry? Did you want to know where [Popular Brand] is?
Customer: Yes.
Me: *leads him over to the new aisle* Right over here! Anything else I can help you find?
Customer: No, thanks.
(I go back to stocking shelves. But less than five minutes later…)
Customer: *behind me again* Grain-free.
Me: Oh, did you need help finding a grain-free dog food?
Customer: Yes.
(We head back over to the [Brand] aisle.)
Me: Okay, there should be a lot of grain-free options–
Customer: Senior. [Sub-brand].
Me: Okay, that narrows it down! The grain-free [sub-brand] for senior dogs is right over here. *points to it*
Customer: *glances at the bag* That’s not it.
(I’ve stocked the shelves at this store for over a year at this point. [Brand] and [sub-brand] were around when I first started, so I know what we stock and what we don’t. [Sub-brand] only has one senior dog food that we carry.)
Me: *smiling* Oh? Well, that’s the only senior dog food in [sub-brand]. But I’ll see if I can still help. What flavor was the food?
Customer: *grumbles something about ‘potatoes’*
Me: The large-breed bags have potatoes in them, they have it in chicken, beef, and lamb. We also have a healthy-weight one that has potatoes in it as well.
Customer: *grumbles a bit more* You guys should have the food. I’ve been buying it here for years.
(Our store hasn’t even been open for two.)
Me: *still smiling* Unfortunately, it looks like this is the only senior [sub-brand] dog food we’re carrying right now. I could help you pick out a different senior dog food from [Brand] if you want?
Customer: No, no. *grabs the senior bag* This’ll work, I guess. But I know you guys had it.
(He left. I checked with my manager to make sure I wasn’t mistaken, but we only carry the one senior dog food for [sub-brand].)

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