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I had spent the last night working and since I had stuff to do, I hadn’t slept at all and it is already afternoon.

I come to a bus stop that has a wide stone fence that is very comfortable to sit. As usual, it is packed with people waiting for a bus, except for a wide space on both sides of an old lady. I count my blessings and sit next to her. I immediately spot, why there is a free space. The woman is presenting several “Watchtower” magazines on her hand, so she is a Jehovah’s witness. Too late for me, because I am already sitting down.

She seizes her opportunity:
Woman: Good afternoon, can I talk to you about Jesus?
Me: No thank you. I worked last night and am very tired.
Woman: Can I at least preach to you?
Me: Again, no thank you. I am tired and would like to be left alone.
Woman: Very well. May you rest in peace.

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