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I must preface this by saying I have no sense of humor. Hearing the same jokes from every other customer has killed it and I just find these customers annoying. One came in today.

Me: (After finishing his small print order) “That comes to $4.75.”

Customer proceeds to take out his wallet and spill crumpled bills and receipts across the counter. I wait until he has selected one and tosses it closer to me on the counter.

Me: (Grabbing the bill and typing it into the computer) “Out of ten? That makes $5.25 your change.”

The drawer pops open and I pull out his change.

Customer: “Oh, just give me that twenty and we’ll call it even.”

I’m instantly annoyed. Haha, as if I haven’t heard that one before.

Me: (Handing him his actual change and receipt) “Of course, that’ll be my tip!”

It takes a couple seconds before he gets it.

Customer: “Heh, you deserve it.”

He starts heading for the door.

Me: (Calling after him) “Have a GREAT day!”

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