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My brother is about 4 years younger than me and had the unfortunate experience of having the same teacher for grade 7 that I had for grade 8. (this teacher taught a split 7/8 class). I had my fair share of issues with him and when my brother got him for grade 7 he made it his mission to make my little brother as miserable as possible.
My brother was much better in school than I was but this teacher “assumed” he wasn’t.
My brother had this big assignment to do for science, the whole solar system one. He worked really hard on it and it was freaking awesome!
The day of the presentation the teacher(in front of all the other students) called him out and made horrible fun of him. He went home crying and told my mom what happened. The next day she took him and marched right into the office, and demanded to have the teacher brought to the office, at which time she tore a strip off him for being an asshole and told him to “piss up a rope”. My mom never swears but that day she was in momma bear mode. The teacher never bothered my brother again. I guess she reminded him of his own momma bear!

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