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I’m the bride from Aisle Be There… Maybe. After the wedding, I spent about a week with my husband (still working on immigration, so I can’t live with him yet), and while there, since I couldn’t work, I ended up taking on the role of housewife, cooking, cleaning, all sorts of things. I found that I really enjoyed the work, because it made me feel productive in the marriage, and my husband claimed to really enjoy my cooking. When I got back to the States, I went to visit my dad for about 15 minutes because I was in town. In those 15 minutes, the following occurred.

Dad: so mom says you really enjoyed being a housewife, what did you cook?

Me: stroganoff, Shepherd’s pie, bison stew…

Dad: the bison stew must have been interesting. You know the only difference between beef and bison is that bison has no moisture, right?

Me: no, I didn’t. It ended up fairly tough, since [husband] didn’t have a meat tenderizer and I didn’t know I was going to make stew until 7 o’clock that night.

Dad *in a way that implies that it’s probably why my husband married me*: so [husband] really likes having someone around to take care of him, doesn’t he?

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