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, | Unfiltered | March 23, 2022

(At my elementary school there’s an after school program for kids who’s parents can’t pick them up right at 3:00 when school gets out. I go there and most years the staff are fairly nice but this year they were particularly mean. I was on the basketball team and had just finished practice and was signing in to the after school program. I had hurt my knee in basketball so I was limping and also a bit grumpy. I didn’t fall on it or anything I just overexerted it so it hurt moderately bad.)
Me: (to the meanest staff, who was running sign-ins) hi I’m here can you sign me in please
Staff: why are you giving me attitude
Me : I didn’t mean to. My knee hurts from basketball so I’m a bit upset.
Staff: well you’re still giving me attitude.
(At this point I just ignored her and went about my afternoon. Then another staff called us all to sit in the gym to tell us something. After the announcement was over no one was being quiet so he was making us just sit there. The mean staff called me over to talk to her)
Staff: what’s wrong
Me: my knee hurts from basketball
Staff: ok well you seem upset what happened
Me: nothing happened to me here. Nobody was mean to me. (Staff always assume anything wrong happed while the child was in their care) I just hurt my knee in basketball.
Staff: well you’re giving me attitude
Me ( almost in tears) : I’m not meaning to. I’m sorry. My knee just really hurts.
Staff: fine, whatever. Go sit down.
(Unfortunately incidents like this we’re not uncommon. I’m so glad to go to high school next year so I don’t have to deal with her)

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