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(I’m visiting a friend out of state. Due to a disability, I’m in a wheelchair. My friend and I decide to get food at a popular Italian restaurant. The waitress has been flirting with my friend nonstop, but all but ignoring me. His water is never empty, while I have to ask several times for a single refill. My food ends up being wrong twice, and was only corrected when my friend told her what I asked for. Finally, the bill comes. The waitress puts it in front of my friend.)
Waitress: I’ll take your phone number in place of a tip if you want an upgrade, sweetie. *winks*
(My friend looks over at me.)
Friend: Okay, that’s it. Manager.
Waitress: What?
Friend: Manager. Now. Or supervisor.
(The waitress looked stunned for a second, then left. She came back a few minutes later with a manager.)
Manager: Is there a problem, sir?
Friend: Oh, yes. Your server has been ignoring my friend all night. The only time she properly did her job was when I asked her to. She’s been flirting with me all night, which I’ve found quite uncomfortable. She’s also made comments about my friend I’ve found quite offensive.
Manager: I’m so sorry sir-
Waitress: If you weren’t with that stupid b**** you wouldn’t have to lie about being friends!
All of us: What?!
Waitress: You heard me! Girls like her can’t be pretty in a wheelchair! You’re lying so you don’t have to admit you’re together! You could just dump her and get with a REAL woman!
Manager: [Waitress]!
Me: Really? First of all, I’m a lesbian, my friend is gay. We don’t lie about being together because we’re not and never will be. Second, if I’m somehow less of a woman because my legs don’t work, you’re even less of one because of how you treat people. Third, I am absolutely GORGEOUS with my wheels!
(The manager ended up giving us our food for free. My friend and I now joke that adding in a wheelchair now automatically makes you ugly.)

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