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Our hobby group has been thriving recently, so we start discussing amongst ourselves if we should meet more often and when and how. One of our more domineering members is the first to speak up.

Member 1: I know! I’ll hold a party at my place! Instead of working on our projects, we could all just hang out and eat chips and stuff!

Half of us exchange a wary glance. This particular member had just spent half an hour monologuing about mushroom shaped rocks (It was half an hour; I timed her). Many people aren’t certain about letting her deliberately lead.

Me: I think I’d rather meet in a public place where we can talk and buy drinks and keep working on our projects.

Member 1: Don’t worry. This party will be great! I’ll send all the information about it in a group email later today. What times are good for everyone?

Everyone gives her their availability.

Member 2: And after we have nachos and whatever, we can work on our projects at your place, right?

Member 1: Yeah, whatever. This is going to be so much fun! So [time] is good for everyone?

Me: I don’t know. I’d have to double check my calendar. My family might have plans then.

Member 1: Okay, whatever. I’m sure you can all make it!

Several of us cringe, but we all say our good-byes and part ways. Later that day, we get an email with Member 1’s address as well as the time and date. She adds “Please RSVP if you’re coming.” I check the calendar and can’t make it, so I don’t bother to RSVP.

Before our next session, I arrive early. Member 1 is the only person who’s arrived. She gives me a death glare the moment I enter. I sit down. She leans over the table and gets in my face.

Member 1: I don’t know what your problem is with me, but I never did anything to you! You need a serious attitude adjustment!

Me: Um…what?

Member 1: EVERYONE else came to my party! You didn’t! You didn’t even RSVP!

Me: You said to RSVP if we could make it. I told you two weeks ago that I probably had plans that day. I didn’t RSVP because I couldn’t make it.

Member 1: EVERYONE else came! You weren’t there! I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to lose it!

Me: …So you’re mad at me because I said I wasn’t coming and then didn’t come?

Member 1: YES!

Me: *At this point, I’m trying not to laugh. She is absolutely furious and dead serious, but I find the entire accusation so ridiculous I can’t keep it in. I’m sure my chortling isn’t helping, but it’s hard to hold back.*

Member 1: This is a criminal activity and I’m going to treat you like the criminal you are! I’m going to tell everyone! This is inexcusable!

Me: *about to dying laughing internally* It’s…criminal not to come to your party?

Member 1: YES! God! I can’t believe it; what’s wrong with you?!

*At that point, Member 3 and 4 enter together.*

Me: Hey [Member 3]; Hey [Member 4]. Is it criminal not to RSVP and not to go to someone’s party?

Member 3: Hey, [My Name.]

Member 4: W-what? Of course not!

Member 1: I can’t believe you! I never did anything to you! *She slams her hands against the table and stands up, knocking her chair over in the process. She points her finger in my face.* You need to change your attitude! This is a criminal offense, and I’m going to treat it like one!

She storms out of the room, past Members 3 and 4, who are completely bewildered. It’s silent for about three seconds until I burst laughing. It takes almost fifteen minutes for everyone else to calm me down to get the full story. Member 1 never returned after that; she also pulled her sister and best friend away from the group. No one missed her.

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