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(I am sitting at my desk surfing the web around 10:45am when a resident calls and complains of possible mold in his children’s bedroom and he expresses to me how upset this makes him. I tell him that I definitely understand the concern and that i will talk to our maintenance man and try to get back to him as soon as possible to try to get the situation resolved for him. I talk to my maintenance man he he tells me if that’s the case he wants to get in there as soon as possible to check out the spot and make a plan to mitigate it as soon as possible. I call the resident back to tell him this.)

Me: Hey! I talked with our maintenance man he he wants to come over today to take a look to try to get that resolved as soon as possible.

Resident: I work from 11-4 pm so he will have to come after that.

Me: Our maintenance man is off at 4 pm everyday so that will not work unfortunately.

Resident: Well, it has to work.

Me: Okay.. Is there any other time or day you might be able to make it home before he leaves so he can come and take a look for you?

Resident: No! I gave you the times. He needs to come after four!

Me: I am sorry. I am trying to help you as when we talked you were very worried about the mold and it being around your kids. You have met and interacted with our maintenance man multiple times and let him come into your apartment with out you in attendance quite a few times as well. Is there another problem we may need to work around?

Resident: (Wife yelling in the background about not wanting maintenance man there while baby is sleeping, how I am rude, and how I obviously suck at my job) Yeah!! My baby sleeps during the day during those times and I don’t want him in there!

Me: Sir I am just trying to help you! Those times wont work with our office.

Resident: (Starts yelling about how I need to learn better customer service and how I am a terrible person)

Me: Let me transfer you to my manager. (I put him on hold and tell my manager whats going on)

Manager: Hello. I hear we are having a problem finding a time that will work for us to come check out your work order. Unfortunately, our maintenance staff cannot work after 4. Is there any other time we can possible fit in coming to take a look?

Resident: Yeah, 3 should be fine.

Manager: Sounds great. We will see you soon.

Me: …

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